Well-being and health of our clients and workers is our commitment



GRAN HOTEL REYMAR wants you to enjoy your holidays as your only concern. In order to maintain this commitment, we have established an action plan in collaboration with the companies that manage the self-control plans, specialists in consulting, auditing and training in health and safety in the tourism industry, Altimir and Prevencicat, following the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization) and based mainly on order SND / 399/2020 of May 9, 2020 from the Ministry of Health in collaboration with ICTE (Institute of Spanish Tourist Quality).

An important part that we have considered is the training of our employees to ensure the knowledge and implementation of all the processes and measures adopted.

This action plan is a document in constant evolution that will be updated in accordance with the decisions that the health and safety authorities adopt.

Safety and hygiene in our facilities has always been a priority for us, ensuring the highest standards and preventive measures to make your stay safe, and now more than ever we are expanding and reinforcing all measures.



Our clients, their well-being and health are our highest priority. And for this reason, we have taken a series of additional cleaning, hygiene and physical distance measures and protocols to guarantee the safety of our guests and of our entire team.

The intensity and frequency of the protocol for cleaning and disinfecting rooms, common areas and staff area of ​​the hotel have been reinforced.

Sanitary controls have been established both for our employees and in the spaces of our hotel to guarantee safety to our clients at all times.

We are aware that some of the measures adopted modify the usual comforts that our clients enjoy during their stay at our hotel. Please understand their needs and duly attend to their fulfillment for the benefit of all.



At GRAN HOTEL REYMAR we work with very demanding standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Additionally, we have revised our processes, expanding frequency and disinfection measures to cover the new current health and safety circumstances.

These processes are applied in all areas of the hotel to guarantee our clients a safe stay, which we explain below.

In the rooms:

• We change the cleaning and disinfection protocol with special attention to items with a high level of contact: telephone, knobs, taps, television remote control, etc.

• We increase the ventilation time during the cleaning process of the rooms

• We offer the possibility to our clients to refuse the cleaning service during their stay (with a maximum of 2 nights)

• We eliminate expendable forms and magazines in the rooms. At reception they can provide you with all the necessary information.

• The amenities will be reduced to gel and shampoo, making available, at reception, other products that will be properly disinfected.

• The minibar products will be on request, as well as the kettles for your safety.

• We remove all non-essential decorative elements (cushions, plaids, rugs) as a hygiene measure.

• We wash bedding and towels at more than 60º with special programs that guarantee maximum hygiene and disinfection.

To ensure the correct application of these measures, we have established specific supervisory and audit controls.

At reception:

• We carry out continuous sanitization of the elements, devices, surfaces and furniture that may be in contact with our customers.

• We establish a maximum capacity and necessary measures to ensure social distancing.

• We disinfect all room opening cards to deliver them in complete safety.

• We offer the disinfection of your suitcase to all clients that require it.

• Use of PPE, masks by personnel as well as protective partitions.

• We have new elements of PPE typology (personal protective equipment) for our clients:

        - Hygiene gel*

        - Masks *

• New online check-in system

• We implement new elements of security and physical distance:

- Acrylic screen on the counter

- Distance marks between clients

- Placement of a special mailbox for collecting keys that prevents contact between people

• Information measures applied:

         - Information table with sanitary hygienic measures

We encourage our clients to pre-check-in online in order to avoid waiting time on arrival at the hotel.

In restaurant and bar:

• Breakfast: it is offered through an assisted buffet with maximun health security.

• Lunch and dinner, since 1960 our menus are served at the table.

• We eliminate decorative elements in the restaurant area and we extreme clean and disinfect crockery, cutlery and table linen.

• We rearranged the furniture in the restaurant areas, bar and terrace to keep the recommended physical distances.

• If necessary, breakfast, lunch and dinner hours will be extended or adapted. The staff will manage the entrance to the restaurant and guide customers to their table

• Hydroalcoholic gel is made available at the entrance to the restaurant and bar, which is compulsory.

• We carry out continuous sanitization of surfaces and furniture that may be in contact with our customers

• There is a panel with information, at the entrance of the restaurant, where the access rules will be shown so that customers can read them before entering. These rules are  mandatory.

In other areas of the hotel:

Right now, many of the hotel's public areas have restricted or limited access. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you. It is our responsibility to comply with the standards indicated by the competent bodies for the benefit of protecting the health of our customers and employees. Please pay attention to the indications in each area.

• We have rearranged the furniture in the common areas of the hotel (hall, restaurant, terrace) to keep the recommended physical distances.

• In the sinks of the common areas you have an air hand dryer and we inform about the hours of cleaning and disinfection of the same.

• We include disinfectant gel in all areas of the hotel

• GYM & SPA: Access to this area is temporarily restricted. Consult with reception if possible, the use of them individually and on demand.

• Daily ventilation of all areas.

• We limit the maximum capacity established to guarantee the social safety distance.

In the pool:

• Intensification of the maintenance and cleaning of the pool water to guarantee its optimum quality.

• The furniture will be redistributed leaving a minimum security distance between the sunbeds.

• We increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the pool area and its furniture.


• HYGIENE: Hand hygiene is considered one of the most effective measures to prevent the spread of germs and prevent COVID-19 infection. We urge employees and recommend clients to do frequent hand washing with soap and water. There are disinfecting gels in work areas for regular use.

• PREVENTION: Our staff at the hotel is undergoing a Covid 19 diagnostic test. In addition, each day upon arrival at the hotel, they undergo temperature controls. All equipment uses protective elements such as gloves and masks. The cleaning team also wears protective gowns.

• TRAINING: All our employees have received specific training in hygiene and safety against the covid-19.

• INFORMATION: Cleaning, hygiene and safety measures have been audited and controlled by the companies that manage the occupational health and safety control plans, Altimir and Prevencicat.

• EMPLOYEES AREA - BACK OFFICE: in the staff work areas we have applied the same reinforcement in hygiene and safety measures, as well as the same distance regulations.


• Hand hygiene is considered one of the most effective measures to prevent the spread of germs and prevent the spread of COVID -19. We remember to carry out frequent hand washing with soap and water and the use of disinfectants in common areas on a regular basis.

• The use of face masks in common areas and within the hotel is mandatory.

• Cover your mouth to cough or sneeze with your elbow or disposable tissues.

• Respect the physical distance measures incorporated in the hotel by means of exceptional signage, protective partitions and reorganization of furniture.

• We provide information at different points of the hotel on prevention regulations

• We recommend the use of gloves when leaving the hotel.

Updated October 2021